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Tragic Cataract Surgery Mishap Leaves Six Elderly Patients Blind in Bhadrak, Odisha

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Bhadrak – In a devastating turn of events, six elderly patients in Bhadrak district have allegedly lost their vision permanently following cataract surgeries conducted between September 28 and 30 at a private eye hospital in Dahani Gadia, Bhadrak town.

Previously hopeful of regaining their normal vision, these senior citizens now face an irreversible loss of sight, sparking outrage among the affected patients and their concerned relatives. A wave of distress led to protests and formal complaints being lodged at the Bhadrak town police station.

Sulochana Das, one of the afflicted patients, lamented, “Prior to the operation, I was able to see slightly in my right eye. But after the operation, I couldn’t see anything in that eye.”

Ratnakar Das, another affected patient, shared a similar plight, stating, “I had undergone surgery on September 29. Thereafter, I couldn’t see anything in that eye. I was asked to visit the hospital on October 5. I came on that day. They carried out a check-up and asked me to come on October 8 again.”

The gravity of the situation has prompted an official response from the Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO), Dr. Santosh Patra. He reassured, “After receiving the allegations, we visited the hospital for an inquiry. The hospital authorities have shared some documents with us. After the investigation is over, appropriate action will be taken against those responsible.”

This tragic incident has sent shockwaves through the local community, raising questions about the quality of healthcare services and the need for swift corrective actions to prevent such incidents in the future.

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