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Woman Child Welfare Committee Member Fatally Attacked in Berhampur

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In a shocking incident, a dedicated member of the Child Welfare Committee, Soudamini Rath, was brutally bludgeoned to death in Nilakantha Nagar, Ganjam district. Soudamini, known for her tireless efforts in support of various NGOs and her commitment to the well-being of children, particularly those affected by AIDS, met a tragic end.

The harrowing event unfolded on a fateful Wednesday evening as Soudamini was returning home after running errands. In a cowardly act, an unknown assailant ambushed her from behind while she was engrossed in a phone conversation, ruthlessly bludgeoning her to death. Upon receiving the distressing news, the Town police Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Rajib Lochan Panda, and the Gosaninuagaon Inspector-in-Charge, Smruti Prabha Pradhan, swiftly arrived at the scene with their team. Soudamini’s lifeless body was recovered and sent for a post-mortem examination as the law enforcement authorities initiated a thorough investigation.

While the motive behind this heinous murder remains unclear, it is suspected to be linked to a past grudge or an act of revenge. In their pursuit of justice, the police have apprehended the deceased’s driver on suspicion of involvement.

Soudamini’s sister, who arrived at the scene following this tragic incident, mentioned that Soudamini had recently undergone a three-day training in Bhubaneswar. It is posited that the assailant may have seized the opportunity to target her home during her absence. However, Soudamini returned home the previous night, unaware of the impending tragedy that awaited her.

This shocking and distressing incident has left the community in mourning and underscores the need for swift and thorough investigation to bring the culprits to justice.

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