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Criticism and Controversy Surrounding BJP MP’s Transition from Business to Politics

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Bharatsinh Dabhi, a Member of Parliament (MP) from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Gujarat’s Patan, stirred controversy with his statement that all his business ventures suffered losses and eventually closed, except for his career in politics. Speaking at an event at Hemchandracharya University, he shared, “I’ve tried my hand at 26 businesses, but they all closed down. However, my journey in politics has been successful, from serving as a Sarpanch to becoming a Member of Parliament. I have no issues now.” He emphasized the importance of time utilization in business success.

The opposition Congress criticized Dabhi’s remarks, with spokesperson Manish Doshi pointing out that the BJP has turned politics into a business for years. Doshi commented, “Bharatsinh Dabhi may claim his political career is thriving from Sarpanch to MP, but he lags behind other BJP leaders in terms of earnings.” He added that the BJP’s approach of treating politics as a business model has had a detrimental impact on democracy in the country.

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