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Tragedy strikes when a leopard claims another life despite forest officials’ vigilance.

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Tragedy strikes when a leopard claims another life despite forest officials’ vigilance.

NUAPADA: 04/11/2023: A man-eater leopard in the Nuapada district has once again shown its lethal presence, claiming the life of 45-year-old Rameswari Bai from Siliaribahara village. This is a disturbing turn of events. The Sadar forest range’s Dharambandha region is where the event took place.

According to reports, on Friday night, Bai went into the bush and did not come back. Her corpse was found in the jungle by the locals after a long night of searching. Remarkably, a few villagers reported seeing the leopard immediately devour her corpse.

Not long after learning of the tragedy, forest department personnel acted quickly, but the victim’s corpse has not yet been found. This event comes after two days ago in the adjoining village of Katingpani Godhaspada, which is under the Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary in Nuapada, two young boys and a cow were killed.

The untamed beast attacked the eight-year-old on October 30 and early on October 31 it pulled a cow out of the same community. Many of the locals are afraid to go near their farms as a result of these terrifying occurrences. In the community, parents are now closely monitoring their kids.

The forest department had sent out a specialised squad to keep an eye on the leopard’s activities in the sanctuary and its environs in reaction to these unfortunate incidents. But there are now severe doubts about the department’s capacity to defend the locals against this ongoing menace in light of the latest attack on a person. The community’s safety is in jeopardy and the situation is still dire.

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