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Odisha Women in the Media Call for a Fair Investigation Into Supposed Journalist Assault by Ollywood Producer

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Odisha Women in the Media Call for a Fair Investigation Into Supposed Journalist Assault by Ollywood Producer

Members of Odisha Women in Media (OWM), a forum for female professionals in the industry, have united to denounce Ollywood producer Tutu Nayak’s alleged attack on a female journalist. In reaction to this occurrence, the OWM members met with Prateek Singh, the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Bhubaneswar, and made a statement calling for a comprehensive and unbiased inquiry into the incident.

The OWM association members voiced their concerns and asked that steps be done to provide a safe working environment for female journalists throughout the day and late hours of the night during their meeting with DCP Prateek Singh.

“We condemn the incident,” said Soumya Parida, a senior member of Odisha Women in Media. We demanded a fair probe into the situation when we met with the DCP of Bhubaneswar. Additionally, we pressed the top official to ensure that female journalists, particularly those who work late into the night, are protected.”

Journalist Debasmita Rout, who was victimised, described her experience, stating, “We were notified by the DCP that he had looked over the CCTV tape. He told us that this kind of thing shouldn’t have happened and promised to take the proper steps. As journalists on the field, we have demanded that everyone be subject to appropriate security measures.”

While covering a function in a movie theatre on the day of the alleged assault, Debasmita Rout had accused Ollywood producer Tutu Nayak of hitting her and using foul language. She lodged a report with the Kharvel Nagar Police Station regarding the event.

In reaction to the claims, Tutu Nayak declared, “The charge is untrue. I wanted to go to the Maharaja Film Hall as soon as possible. I gave her a little slap on the back to get her to move aside as she was obstructing the gate. To me, she resembles a younger sister. I didn’t want to offend her, and I really apologise if I did.”

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