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Balasore Medical College Faces Water Crisis Leaving Patients in Disarray

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Balasore Medical College Faces Water Crisis Leaving Patients in Disarray

Balesore: 08/11/2023: Patients and their attendants were left high and dry at the Fakir Mohan Medical College and Hospital in Balasore when the water supply to vital departments, including as the medicine, trauma, and paediatrics wards, was unexpectedly shut off. There were already issues like a bed and medical personnel shortage when this sad tragedy happened.

According to reports, the water shortage was so bad that hospital staff members had to run to neighbouring departments just to quench their own thirst, not to mention make sure patients had access to the necessary fluids. Patients were struggling to obtain water in the lavatory, even for personal hygiene, due to the terrible circumstances.

‘We can’t locate water since Tuesday afternoon,’ said a worried attendant. My spouse has been hospitalised due to a high fever. I am unable to locate any water to dab at his forehead. For the same reason, I’m unable to use the loo.

District Collector Dattatraya Bhausaheb Shinde clarified the situation by stating that the District Headquarters Hospital (DHH) was renovating its plumbing system, including its pipes, gradually. However, a plumber accidentally turned off the water supply to the whole ward while replacing pipes in the medical ward. Thankfully, the problem was fixed, and the impacted ward’s water supply was reinstated.

It’s important to note that Balasore Medical College has long struggled with problems related to its water supply. In addition to water scarcity, issues with cell phone and motorcycle theft have made accessing the hospital more difficult.

“Medical authorities are entirely responsible for the deteriorating condition of this medical institution,” a frustrated local citizen said. The medical college is now a one-man operation, with one security business supplying guards and one plumbing company providing plumbing solutions, due to the absence of oversight for yearly upkeep. The circumstances highlight the critical requirement for extensive upgrades at Balasore Medical College and Hospital in order to guarantee the wellbeing of both patients and their attendants.

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