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Rahul Gandhi continues attack from Wayanad stage: ‘BJP destroyed Manipur, Cong will help build it’

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A day after Parliament’s Monsoon Session drew to a close, Rahul Gandhi hit the ground, visiting Wayanad, the first place he travelled to since being reinstated as an MP.

Addressing the crowd as his family, Gandhi continued his attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for barely touching upon Manipur during his address to the Lok Sabha, accusing him and the union cabinet ministers of having a ‘lot of fun’ during the discussion.

The senior Congress leader also blamed the BJP for trying to divide India, like they had done in Manipur. “BJP aims at destroying families. India is a family, they want to divide it. Manipur was a family, they tried to destroy it. They destroy the relationship between people. We build, bring people together. We strengthen families. BJP thinks they have divided and destroyed Manipur. We will bring Manipur back together. It took you two months to burn Manipur. It might take us five years to bring back love to Manipur, but we will do it. This is the fight between the BJP and the Congress.

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