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Koraput Additional Collector’s Vehicle and Assets Seized by Court Due to Unpaid Medicine Bills

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In a legal development, the Koraput Senior Division Civil Judge has issued an order to seize the car used by the Additional Collector and various assets located at the Collectorate due to unpaid medicine bills. This action stems from an outstanding bill for medicines supplied to the Nandapur CDPO office in 2010.

Following the issuance of the warrant, court officials visited the Koraput Collectorate and held discussions with senior administrative officials. Alongside the vehicle, the court’s warrant includes the attachment of 10 tables, 10 chairs, 10 air-conditioners, 20 fans, and 10 almirahs.

The court’s intervention is a result of the Nandapur CDPO office’s failure to clear the pending payment owed to The Mother Medical Store, which had supplied medicines worth Rs 2,63,839 in 2010. The store owner, Harekrushna Mohanty, sought legal recourse to secure payment for the supplied medicines. As a result, the court directed the Koraput Collector to pay a total of Rs 4,33,774.96, including case expenses, in accordance with the judgment.

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