September 21, 2023

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Viral Video: Leopard Outsmarts Monkey, Hunts It With Unbelievable Backflip

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Viral Video: The cat family is arguably the best hunter in wildlife. We have witnessed so many instances of the members of the feline species pulling out some incredible hunts.

Right from the cats in our houses and neighbourhood, to the jungles and grasslands of Asia and Africa, tigers, lions, and leopards are among the top predators.

This viral video shows a leopard in pursuit of a monkey to hunt it. The entire action takes place on a tree. The monkey climbs the tree and the leopard follows it. But then the monkey jumps down to the ground and the leopard follows it. The monkey again climbs the tree and this time goes up to the top where the branches are weak and at a much higher level from the ground. The leopard follows it up there, stunning the monkey who jumps onto the branch on the other side. But, the leopard does the unthinkable and makes a jump, gets into a backflip, and captures the monkey. All this happens in a span of a few seconds.

This was an unimaginable move by the leopard. But given the reputation of the cats, it somehow makes sense and yet again proves that Mother Nature has gifted the felines with some exceptional skills.

Check out a few comments the video has received.

Jason Roberts @JasonRo35771763 Replying to @weirdterrifying, “Video description delivered on point.”

NoraHall@1978 @nori_hall Replying to @CraigGradidge and @weirdterrifying, “Save the baby. ✍ “

NoraHall@1978 @nori_hall Replying to @weirdterrifying, “I’d say that back flip was right the target. ✍”

NoraHall@1978 @nori_hall Replying to @weirdterrifying, “Oops missed the target. Good. ✍”

APer289 @AlPere289 Replying to @weirdterrifying, “Monkeyed around and found out…MAAFO…!!!”

. @Mister_XRP Replying to @weirdterrifying, “We need that leopard here in America! 樂”

Freda Jones @tattooplex Replying to @weirdterrifying, “Wouldn’t have been easier to go after the monkey filming this”

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