September 28, 2023

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Videos of Pakistani citizen’s praise for PM Modi goes viral

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Islamabad: A Pakistani man’s fulsome praise for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in interactions with a popular YouTuber has gone viral on both sides of the border.

After the Pakistani citizen’s comments on the YouTube channel of Sana Amjad in which he said that he prayed for his country to get a leader like Modi went viral, he reiterated his remarks in another interview with the YouTuber and said friendship with the Indian prime minister will boost his country’s conditions too.

The man said some people told him after the first interview that as a Pakistani he should not have made these remarks but he insisted that he was genuine in his praise for Modi.

Modi has fixed his country and taken it to new heights in the last eight years, he said, adding that India and Pakistan used to be compared earlier but there is no comparison now. Indians are doing so well even abroad, he said.

Modi has worked for his country, the Pakistani citizen said, adding that the Indian prime minister bought oil from Russia in the interest of Indian citizens without caring whether it would anger the US.

With Pakistan facing a massive economic crisis with inflation running high, he said it would have been great if the Partition had not taken place as Pakistanis too would be then getting food items and fuel at much cheaper rates.

“I like Modi. I love him,” he said, adding that Pakistan does not need a Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto and Parvez Musharraf but Modi. He said he wants Pakistan to do well like India.

After the first video drew wide viewership, the YouTuber also posted another interview with the man on Saturday which attracted more than 50,000 views within five hours after being posted.

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