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Tensions Escalate in Bolangir After Clash Between Villagers

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Tensions flared in Bolangir as a clash between two groups led to five injuries. To quell the situation, a substantial police presence has been deployed. The Inspector-in-Charges (IICs) and Sub-Divisional Police Officers (SDPOs) from four police stations are actively assessing the situation and attempting to calm the agitated villagers.

The conflict originally erupted during the ‘Chhatar Jatra’ event two days prior. Following the clash and injuries sustained by members of one group, anger surged in the village. The situation escalated further when hundreds of supporters of the injured individuals surrounded Bangomunda police station, demanding the immediate arrest of the alleged attackers from the opposing group.

It is alleged that the police did not take immediate action, leading to controversy. Upon their return to the village, the injured individuals’ supporters staged a road blockade on Wednesday, prompting local law enforcement to intervene.

According to a local resident, “A few troublemakers attacked our people with sharp-edged weapons. We have filed an FIR requesting their immediate arrest, but no action has been taken by the police.” Another eyewitness stated, “Around 60-70 people were involved in the attack, targeting men, women, and children. We have recorded the entire incident with evidence, but the police have not acted. We demand the arrest of all the attackers.”

As of now, senior police officials have not provided a statement on the matter. The situation remains tense as authorities work to defuse the situation and address the concerns of the villagers.

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