September 28, 2023

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Russia Bans Entry Of 500 Americans Including Former US President Barack Obama

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Washington: Former US President Barack Obama is among 500 Americans banned by Russia from entering the country in response to sanctions imposed by America, CNN reported on Saturday.

Russia stated on Friday that it was banning “500 Americans,” including several senior members of the US executive branch, from entering the country “in response to anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the Joe Biden administration,” according to a statement from Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The list, apart from Obama, also includes former US Ambassador Jon Huntsman, several US senators and the next expected chairman of the joint chiefs Charles Q Brown Jr. Famous American late-night TV show hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Colbert, and Seth Meyers have also been banned by Russia to enter the country.

According to CNN, the Russian Foreign Ministry in its statement said, “The attached ‘list-500’ also includes those in government and law enforcement agencies who are directly involved in the persecution of dissidents in the wake of the so-called Storming the Capitol.”

On January 6, 2021, scores of supporters of former US President Donald Trump sought to stop Biden’s certification as president and attacked the US Capitol. As the relations between Washington and Moscow are at an all-time low in present times, the Russian ministry justified the prohibitions in a statement on its website, saying, “It is high time for Washington to learn that not a single hostile attack against Russia will go without a strong reaction.”

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