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Onion Prices Skyrocket in Odisha, Straining Wallets and Raising Concerns

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Onion prices in Odisha are following a similar path to what happened with tomatoes earlier, causing distress among consumers. The cost of this kitchen staple has nearly doubled in just one month due to supply disruptions in Nashik, the primary onion supplier in India. Prices have surged from Rs 20-25/kg to Rs 50-60/kg, with some vendors in Bhubaneswar even selling them at Rs 80 per kilo. This rise is attributed to crop losses and price increases in Nashik. Relief is expected when fresh onions from Bangalore and Andhra Pradesh hit the market in November, alleviating the burden on consumers. Sudhakar Panda, General Secretary of Odisha Byabasayee Mahasangha, explained that these price fluctuations are typical during October and November, primarily due to erratic rainfall affecting the Rabi crop. He also criticized business houses for hoarding onions and selling them at exorbitant prices during shortages, suggesting that corporate interests might be linked to the government’s handling of the situation.

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