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Odisha’s Unprecedented CM Grievance Cell: Bridging Gaps and Prioritizing People

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Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik’s recent address to the Odisha Assembly during the Monsoon Session showcased his commitment to addressing citizens’ grievances. While acknowledging the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, he outlined the government’s efforts to bring the CM Grievance Cell closer to the people’s doorsteps.

In a significant endeavor spanning over six months, more than 57,000 petitions were collected and a staggering 43,536 of these were resolved or disposed of, all meticulously documented on the Janasunani portal. This transparent, technology-driven approach demonstrated the government’s dedication to efficient grievance redressal.

Critics questioned the use of helicopters for this operation, but the Chief Minister defended it, citing the impracticality of reaching remote locations by road within a limited timeframe. He clarified that the cost of chopper usage was justified considering the time and resources saved.

What sets this initiative apart is the government’s proactive outreach to citizens, explaining state schemes, ongoing projects, and allocated funds. Patnaik’s emphasis on resolving grievances and providing timelines showcases a commitment to public service.

In conclusion, while political criticism persists, the Chief Minister’s unwavering dedication to resolving people’s issues and his prioritization of public service remain at the forefront of this extensive and unique grievance redressal exercise in Odisha.

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