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Odia Bhajan Icon Santilata Barik Chhotray Battles Serious Illness in Bhubaneswar

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Bhubaneswar: In a heart-wrenching update, the beloved Odia bhajan maestro, Santilata Barik Chhotray, finds herself battling a grave illness, leading to her admission in a private Bhubaneswar hospital.

Santilata Barik Chhotray, a luminary in the world of Odia devotional music, is facing critical health challenges, with reports indicating her reliance on a ventilator for support, as disclosed by sources closely connected to her family.

Her name resonates deeply among music aficionados across the state, as she has gifted her enchanting voice to countless Odia Bhajan classics such as ‘Jagannath tume bada chhalia,’ ‘Thaka Mana Chala Jiba,’ ‘Mun je Deula Bedha,’ and ‘Kaaliare.’ With a wide-reaching presence and profound reverence in households across Odisha, she remains an indomitable legend in the realm of music.

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