September 28, 2023

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Number of cheetah deaths at Kuno National Park not low, says Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court on Monday remarked that the number of deaths of African cheetahs at Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park (KNP) was not low.

The Bench, comprising Justices BR Gavai, PS Narasimha and Prashant Kumar Mishra, said that the general public was concerned about the deaths of cheetahs at Kuno, Bar and Bench reported.

The court hearing came days after one more adult cheetah, which was brought from Namibia in September last year,  died at the KNP. As of now, six adult cheetahs — all relocated from Namibia and South Africa — and three cubs born in India have died since March this year. Under Project Cheetah, a total of 20 animals were relocated from Namibia and South Africa to Kuno National Park in two batches — the first in September last year and the second in February this year.

Eight cheetahs were flown to the KNP from Namibia on September 17, 2022, while another 12 were brought from South Africa in February this year.

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