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Marital Discord Between Anubhav Mohanty and Varsha Priyadarshini: Court Rejects Divorce Petition

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In a significant development, the family court in Cuttack has dismissed MP Anubhav Mohanty’s divorce petition and also rejected his estranged wife Varsha Priyadarshini’s petition for the restitution of conjugal rights. Anubhav Mohanty, a former actor turned politician, had initiated the divorce proceedings, while Varsha Priyadarshini sought restitution of her conjugal rights under Section 9 of the Hindu Marriage Act. Both petitions were dismissed by the family court.

Anubhav’s attorney, Lalitendu Mishra, commented on the outcome, stating, “The case, which has been ongoing since 2020, has finally concluded. The divorce petition filed by Anubhav Mohanty has been dismissed, and Varsha’s petition for conjugal rights has also met the same fate, indicating that they cannot continue living together.”

Mishra further added, “We will carefully review the judgment and consider appealing to the High Court.” Anubhav Mohanty expressed his confidence in his lawyer, saying, “My lawyer has been with this case from start to finish, so we will follow his guidance.”

In response, Varsha Priyadarshini shared a post on her social media handle featuring a portrait of Lord Jagannath with the caption, ‘Jay Jagannath. Truth always prevails.’

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