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Lord Lingaraj Temple Rituals Disrupted Amidst Nijog Dispute Over Temple Lands

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Rituals at the Lord Lingaraj temple in Bhubaneswar were once again disrupted due to an ongoing dispute between various Nijogs. The conflict revolves around land associated with the temple. The Orissa High Court had ruled that unsettled lands, previously enjoyed by the Puja Panda Nijog and Brahman Nijog servitors, should gradually revert to the Lord. Meanwhile, the construction of shops on these disputed lands by the Badu Nijog received court approval.

In response to the court’s decision, the Brahman and Puja Panda Nijogs challenged it by obtaining a stay order on the shop construction, leading to a suspension of temple rituals. They considered it a conspiracy and an unjust decision, demanding the return of the disputed land granted to them by a previous king.

The Badu Nijog countered these claims, asserting that they were the initial servitors of the Lord, and the land had been granted to them by the king. They vehemently opposed the interruption of Lord Lingaraj’s rituals, calling for strict action against the servitors responsible.

This dispute is not new and has persisted for years, causing distress to the temple’s devotees. The disagreement among Nijogs continues, with the fate of Lord Lingaraj’s unsettled lands hanging in the balance.

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