September 28, 2023

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Gurugram: Mother Locked Herself, Son, In Apartment For 3 Years Fearing COVID

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Police in Gurugram rescued a woman who locked herself and her son in an apartment for three years due to their fear of the Coronavirus.

Speaking to the media, Child Welfare Committee Member, Gurugram, Usha Solanki said, “A resident of Chakkarpur, Gurugram, informed the police that his wife and child have been locked in a flat for the last 3 years. His wife neither lets him enter the apartment nor sends their son outside. The police were instructed to file a complaint, and teams were sent to the flat. The woman locked herself and her son in their home due to the fear of COVID. She asked the husband to get another flat as he went outside for work. He used to send her money and get them groceries.”

“Both the woman and her son have been rescued and taken to the hospital. Her son is now 11 years old.” she added.

The mental state of the women is to be examined, according to the officials. Further investigation in the case is underway.

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