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Escalating Tension and Clash Erupt at Bhadrak Hospital, Five Police Platoons Deployed

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Tension flared at Bhadrak Hospital as a result of a clash between two groups, leading to the deployment of five police platoons to the scene. Bhadrak police intervened by resorting to a mild lathi charge to quell the situation.

According to reports, the tension at Bhadrak Hospital arose from a prior confrontation where certain individuals had threatened a hotel owner, Subhakanta Pati, and even plotted to harm him. In the dead of night, they carried out their plan and attacked Pati, resulting in a confrontation between the assailants and Pati’s supporters. During this altercation, one person sustained injuries and was subsequently admitted to the hospital.

The situation escalated further once the injured individual was brought to the hospital, leading to another violent clash between the two groups on the hospital premises. In response, Bhadrak police swiftly arrived at the scene and employed a mild lathi charge to regain control. To maintain order, five platoons of police forces were stationed at the hospital premises.

Hotel owner Subhakanta Pati attributed the group clash to a dispute over a piece of land he had purchased in Charampa. Despite lodging a complaint at Bhadrak Town police station, no action had been taken, leading to the escalation of the situation. Pati also mentioned prior attacks against them.

Bhadrak City DSP Anshuman Dwivedi stated, “To maintain peace in the area, as many as five platoons of police forces have been deployed on the hospital premises, with assistance from nearby police stations.

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