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Did you know early dinners can help you sleep better?

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Early dinner is not just beneficial for weight management and better digestion but might even help you sleep better and may also improve your overall energy levels. Yes, that late night binge on snacks or ice-cream that might feel very comforting to you is in fact doing you more harm than any good.

Sharing how early dinner can improve your sleep, nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary took to Instagram and explained, “Melatonin is your sleep hormone which starts to get released in your bloodstream after sunset. And when you have a large meal post sunset, you’ll also release insulin which raises cortisol which is your stress hormone, this is the basic metabolic response for digestion of food. Now, the thing is cortisol and melatonin compete with each other and cannot survive together which can lead to a lot of hormonal issues.”

Chowdhary said that when you start eating dinner early you give your body enough time “to release melatonin to a point where between 10pm to 2am when it reaches its peak growth hormone, repair enzymes, restorative enzymes all of these get secreted and that’s why you wake up feeling energetic and refreshed”.

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