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Commissionerate Police Unveils Whistleblower WhatsApp: Citizens Empowered to Secure Bhubaneswar’s Peace

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Commissionerate Police Launches Innovative Campaign Against Open Boozing in Bhubaneswar; Citizens Encouraged to Be Vigilant

In a proactive move to maintain the safety and tranquility of Bhubaneswar, the Commissionerate Police has initiated a novel campaign to address the issue of open drinking and ‘Khati’ in public areas. To ensure a secure environment for residents, they’ve unveiled a unique WhatsApp reporting system at 7077798111, promising complete anonymity for informants.

As part of their commitment to creating a safe city, the Commissionerate Police carried out coordinated operations on Sunday night, resulting in several detentions for public alcohol consumption and ‘Khati’ indulgence. Residents are now empowered to contribute to this endeavor by sharing photos or videos of individuals engaged in open drinking or ‘Khati’ in public or residential spaces via the dedicated WhatsApp number.

The authorities emphasize the importance of preserving the identity of complainants, assuring absolute confidentiality. During the recent operations, six individuals were detained, each facing a fine of Rs 6000. The crackdown, involving approximately 60 police teams, spanned Laxmi Sagar and Chandrasekharpur areas late into the night.

In a parallel effort, law enforcement is actively pursuing 16 culprits who were found engaging in ‘Khati’ within a playground under Capital police jurisdiction. These actions fall under the broader safe city initiative, and the Commissionerate Police affirms their commitment to its ongoing implementation, promising further actions to ensure public safety.

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