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BJP MLA Rescues Naked Women on Busy Road in Sundargarh, Highlights Lack of Compassion in Society

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Two women were found walking naked along the bustling College Road in Sundargarh, Odisha, catching the attention of passersby, who unfortunately did not offer any assistance. The incident has raised concerns about the decline of compassion in society.

Sundargarh’s BJP MLA, Kusum Tete, happened to be passing by and took immediate action. She stopped her vehicle, provided them with shawls from her car, and ensured their rescue. This act of kindness by the MLA became a topic of discussion in the town.

On that particular day, College Road was crowded with vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists going about their business. However, the two women, aged approximately 27 and 45, were visibly distressed and aimlessly walking without any clothing. Despite receiving curious looks from onlookers, no one stepped forward to offer assistance, highlighting a disturbing lack of empathy in society.

Sundargarh MLA Kusum Tete, on her way to a demonstration, saw the women and immediately intervened. She not only provided them with clothing but also called for police and medical assistance. The women were subsequently taken to ‘Astha Gruha,’ a facility designed for individuals with mental health issues. The police have initiated an investigation to determine their identities, origin, and the circumstances that led to this distressing situation.

Expressing her sentiments, MLA Kusum Tete said, “I am at a loss for words to describe the incident. Witnessing two individuals walking unclothed along the road was distressing. I promptly covered them with shawls from my car. I hope such incidents do not occur elsewhere. If anyone encounters such situations, they should extend a helping hand and provide clothing, as every individual deserves dignity.” This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of compassion and empathy in our society.

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