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Assurance of Safety: Ratna Bhandar of Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri

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SJTA Chief, Ranjan Das, assured that the Ratna Bhandar (treasury) of Lord Jagannath temple in Puri is safe, addressing concerns following an Orissa High Court order to form a special committee for its reopening and inventory of ornaments within two months. When asked about the special committee’s status, Das mentioned it would be discussed during the Shree Jagannath Temple Managing Committee meeting, with updates to the High Court. Managing committee member Madhab Mohapatra also stated that they would discuss the special committee’s formation in the next meeting and inform the Odisha government.

However, some devotees are growing impatient with the state government’s delay in reopening the Ratna Bhandar, questioning why, if it is safe, they have not followed the Supreme Court’s direction. They believe officials are making statements to postpone the matter until the general elections for political reasons.

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