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Biden Getting Several Requests For Modi’s State Dinner Invite Shows ‘Excitement Level’: US

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New Delhi: The White House on Tuesday said that President Joe Biden receiving a large number of requests to the state dinner he is hosting for Prime Minister Narendra Modi next month shows the ‘excitement level’.

Addressing a press conference, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre also said that Modi’s state visit on June 22 will be an opportunity to reaffirm the ‘deep and close’ partnership between the United States and India.

“I think that is a good thing. That shows the excitement of the prime minister being here on June 22,” Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters in response to a question onPresident Biden being ‘flooded’ with requests from Indian-Americansseeking an invitation to the much sought after state dinner for Modi.

She added that Biden getting those requests shows why it is ‘critical’ to continue growing the partnership that the US has with India.

“The president and the first lady looking forward to welcoming Prime Minister Modi for the official state visit,” she added.

The White House Press Secretary also said that this will be an opportunity to reaffirm the deep and close partnership between the United States and India, and the ‘warm bonds’ of family and friendship that link Americans and clearly Indians together.

“That is very important to the president. The visit will also strengthen our two countries’ shared commitment to a free, open, prosperous, and secure Indo-Pacific and shared resolve to evaluate our strategic technology partnership, including in defense, clean energy, and space,” she said.

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Earlier last week, Joe Biden reportedly walked up to PM Narendra Modi during the Quad meeting in Japan and told him that he is getting a large number of requests from prominent citizens to attend the Indian leader’s programmes during his state visit to Washington DC.

To this, the US President also told Modi in a lighter vein that he should take his autograph.

“You are causing me a real problem. Next month we have a dinner for you in Washington. Everyone in the whole country wants to come. I have run out of tickets. You think I am kidding? Ask my team. I am getting phone calls from people I have never heard of before. Everyone from movie actors to relatives. You are too popular,” Joe Biden reportedly told PM Modi.

Echoing a similar view, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese also reportedly said that he too is finding it difficult to accommodate all the requests he is getting for a community event, where Modi spoke on Tuesday.

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