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Bombay HC orders police to delete obscene videos that Rakhi Sawant showed in press meet

by Times One Odia
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The Bombay High Court has directed the Mumbai Police to take necessary steps to delete obscene videos which actor Rakhi Sawant had made public of another actor last year.

Rakhi Sawant had allegedly called a press conference where she spoke against a fellow actor and showed an obscene video.

During the hearing on Friday, Justice Anuja Prabhudessai told Rakhi Sawant’s lawyer, “Why should you indulge in these things of showing such videos? Why should it be done for another lady? Some ethical standards have to be maintained.”

The Mumbai Police was asked to revert to the court by Tuesday stating if there are any such videos available on YouTube and other sites. The police further need to tell the court about the steps they are planning to take to delete these videos.

Rakhi Sawant’s lawyer stated that only Section 67A, which was imposed on the actor for transmitting obscene videos, was non-bailable.

“The present FIR is a cross FIR. The other actor had also registered an FIR against Sawant on the same date, but it is just that Sawant’s FIR was registered after midnight, so the date is different,” added the lawyer.

The bench then asked the victim’s lawyer whether a case under Section 67A had been filed despite Rakhi Sawant’s refusal of not transmitting any obscene videos.

Justice Prabhudessai asked, “She showed the video but will that amount to transmitting or forwarded? How did it cause to be transmitted? Did she forward the video to the media persons? Did she say publish it? Otherwise, also the punishment under this section is only of five years and she has already handed over the phone.

“What more can be done? How will police investigate defamation? The FIR does not say that the media has circulated all this. The FIR says that the video is already available. It was on YouTube,” further asked Justice Prabhudessai.

Responding to Justice Prabhudessai’s quesries, the victim’s lawyer said, “The video that she showed is a private video which is not available on YouTube. But, Sawant called a press conference and there she defamed the victim and showed the video which is viral now.”

It was then the bench asked the Mumbai Police, “Is the video deleted? If it is displayed, then it needs to be deleted. Not just the interview. She has shown some obscene video which now can be seen by the public.”

The bench further asked the public prosecutor to get more details on the matter and that it will further hear the petition on March 28.

“If the video is not yet deleted, delete it now,” said Justice Prabhudessai.

Rakhi Sawant had approached the high court with an anticipatory bail application and was already granted interim protection from the arrest.

In the meantime, she gave her statement to the police and also handed over her phone to the investigating officer. Rakhi Sawant said that she had neither transmitted the victim’s video to anyone nor forwarded it.

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