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Man falls in love with son’s wife, elopes with her in a bizarre incident in Rajasthan

by Times One Odia
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Falling in love is regarded as one of the most beautiful feelings, well, at least for some. But what if you fall for the wrong person, someone who is already a part of your family?

Weird! One man from Rajasthan fell for his daughter-in-law. The duo eloped leaving behind the man’s granddaughter.

The strange incident took place in Silor village in the Bundi district. It was brought to light after the victim named Pawan Vairagi filed a complaint with the Sadar police station. In the complaint, he stated that his father, identified as Ramesh Vairagi, eloped with his wife. Further, he accused his father of luring his wife away and claimed that she is innocent.

Pawan has a six-month-old daughter with the woman. Additionally, Pawan said that his father was into some illegal job. He said that he stayed away from the village due to work. Apart from stealing the man’s wife, his father also robbed the man’s two-wheeler.

Meanwhile, Pawan accused the cops of not taking his case seriously. Addressing Pawan’s accusation, Sadar Station Officer Arvind Bhardwaj said that they were diligently looking into the case. The cops said that they were trying to find the eloped couple along with the stolen two-wheeler.

The cops have not shared any details of the couple’s location. While this incident is hard to digest for any, there have been similar cases. In Rajasthan’s Sirohi district, a 40-year-old mother-in-law fell in love with her son-in-law. The duo ran away after getting the father-in-law heavily intoxicated.

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