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Women’s Day 2023: Tracing women’s contribution to the real estate sector

by Times One Odia
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The number of women playing a key role in real estate development and its marketing has substantially increased over the years, especially during the past two decades.

They have not only made a visible difference to real estate development so far, but they are also set to raise benchmarks even higher going forward.

Another significant achievement is that women have been actively influencing home purchase decisions over the years, either as co-purchasers or independent buyers. This has resulted in numerous changes taking place vis-à-vis different aspects of real estate, which when put together add up to a commendable transformation indeed.

Design aspects

For starters, homes are being designed to be more women-friendly than they used be earlier. The two-income family concept has changed perception about the role of women and led to modifications in several aspects, beginning with the kitchen. The thoughtfully conceptualised ‘open plan’ layouts have made the cooking area a part of the living room and demolished the barrier between them in more ways than one.Mumbai’s real estate 2nd most expensive in Asia Pacific after Tokyo

Interface zone

Being able to converse and mingle with family members while cooking, serving food or clearing the table has made these ‘family’ tasks with members taking turns at each of them. Spaces earmarked for appliances like washing machines for clothes and vessels again make these shared tasks for both spouses and the kids as they grow up.

Privacy providers

The erstwhile balcony, now referred to as a ‘deck’ or a corner window with a ledge have become the go-to place for women to have some ‘me’ time either first thing in the morning or at the end of an exhausting day. Similarly, niche areas that can be converted into a workspace with a laptop plus smaller bedrooms, which ensure privacy are also catering to the requirements of this segment.

Combined package

Exurb locations that provide all these facilities at an affordable price tag, coupled with an escape from the chaos and traffic of city life, benefits of unpolluted air, greenery and a tranquil ambience are witnessing greater demand for precisely this reason.MHADA eyeing 3 projects in Kalachowki, Worli & Bandra Reclamation to rev up real estate business in Mumbai

Value addition

Projects fulfilling lifestyle aspirations and fitness goals like a gymnasium, clubhouse, etc. within the complex premises are also preferred. The presence of reputed schools is another plus point for working mothers. A high level of security at the project entrance as well as within the apartment leveraging technology also ensures peace of mind.

Commute calculations

Developers are not only focusing on areas from a residential perspective but also ensuring the daily commute to offices and educational institutions are manageable. These include bus services from the project location to key business districts or city areas as well as school bus access for children, giving working mothers much-needed comfort on this crucial aspect.


Factors such as proximity to the railway station, supermarket or mall and medical treatment are usually well mapped out by developers and highlighted to home seekers during site visits to influence the women decision makers in particular. Activities conducted within the complex facilitate interaction and making new acquaintances.

(The writer is Founder & Former Chairman, Saba Group and Founder, Anannke Foundation)Real estate news update: Arkade Group land acquisition, NAREDCO to hold roundtable discussion and more…

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