Home Incident Israel: Six Indian pilgrims including five women go missing; passport, other documents found at hotel

Israel: Six Indian pilgrims including five women go missing; passport, other documents found at hotel

by Times One Odia
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Thiruvalla: Six members of an international pilgrim group from Kerala went missing in Isreal, a report said. The incident comes not long after a farmer who was part of a study group sent by the Kerala government disappeared in Israel post telling his family to not look for him.

The international pilgrimage reportedly began from Thiruvalla of Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district on February 8. However, six of the 26-member group including five women disappeared from their accommodation facility in Isreal later in the month. The incident came to light after the priest who led the pilgrimage reached the Kerala police chief Anil Kant with a complaint.

The group was also scheduled to visit Jordan and Egypt as part of the package and reached Israel on February 11, News 18 Kerala said in a report. The passports and other relevant documents of all the six missing members were recovered from their accommodation in Isreal, the news report added.

The priest who led the team started organising an international pilgrimage across holy lands in 2006. A Thiruvalla-based travel agency reportedly made the arrangements for the journey.

Three people reportedly went missing from Ein Karem near Jerusalem on February 14, while the remaining five were last seen at a hotel in Bethlehem the next morning. The Israel police reached the hotel later the day and gathered information from the group, the news report added.

Earlier this month, a member from the 27-strong group send by the Kerala government to learn about Israel’s farming practices had gone missing. George Kurian (48), a native of Kannur district’s Iritty, was last spotted at a hotel in Herzliya city. When the group got together to leave for dinner, Kurian didn’t show up. After many rounds of searches, it was confirmed that the man was missing from the hotel.

Kurian reportedly contacted his wife and told her that he was alright. The farmer cut the call reportedly after telling her to not look for him. He never contacted the family afterwards, his brother Benny told the reporters.

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