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Over 210 kg of ganja seized, 4 arrested

by Times One Odia
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The Odisha police, in two separate cases, on Tuesday seized over 210 kg of ganja and arrested 4 individuals.

In one of the two cases, the Patapur police intercepted a red Hyudai car that was carrying around 75 kgs of ganja worth over Rs 10 lakh in Sumutapur area in Ganjam district. The police also arrested two individuals for smuggling the contraband.

The police have launched an investigation into the incident and are also trying to ascertain the source of procurement of the banned substance.

In the other incident that occurred in the Rayagada district, the local police seized around 138 kg of ganja that was being smuggled in a Maruti Suzuki car near a railway crossing at Maniguda area of the district.

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