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Andhra Deputy Chief Minister joins Brat Upanayan Sanskar program.

by Times One Odia
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Andhra Deputy Chief Minister joins Brat Upanayan Sanskar program.

Raigad-10 / 05- (Dhaneshwar Raut) – A prominent astrologer at Parbatipur, a well-known place in the business district of Andhra Pradesh on the Andhra border and in Raigad district, has been awarded the title of Brahma Shri. .

The event was held at the premises of the local Sarva Mangala Peetha. Andhra Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Pidika Rajna Dora, Chief Guest and Disciple of Brahmashree, K Ram Mohan Rao MLA of Vishakhapatnam BJP Madhavji, former Parbatipur MLA Chiranjib Gharu, MLA Was involved.

The main attraction of the event was the chanting of mantras and mantras recited by the Sankirtan Mandal of Dunduli, Kolonara, Raigad Sadar, which was invited from Odisha. The chanting congregation was organized under the supervision of Siddha Guru Yogishree Chaitanya Ramji, the founder of the World Welfare Tool Society, and the 108 Kundiya Gayatri Yajnanusthan with special worship by renowned Satyanarayana Panigrahi.

Similarly, chanting the chanting of the unbroken name, the shrine was shaken and the shrine was shaken, creating a spiritual atmosphere in which the chanting devotees from Odisha were able to garner the full admiration of the assembled public devotees. On the occasion, Yogishree honored the Chief Guest, Shri Dora, by giving him the seat of Japa Mala. Similarly, Siddha Guru explained how chanting can bring peace of mind by distributing 500 chanting garlands and seats to others. The event was attended by hundreds of local devotees and was attended by Rajendra Sahu, Secretary General of West Devasena from Odisha, Rajendra Sahu, Nilanchal Panda, Gurudev Bhai Sankirtan Guru.

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