Home Accident Three students died after being electrocuted.

Three students died after being electrocuted.

by Times One Odia
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Three students died after being electrocuted.
Rayagada-02 / 05- (Dhaneshwar Raut) – Lingaraj Puala, 21, a student living in Danusahi sub-division of Kalyansinghpur block of Rayagada district, died of electric shock.

According to sources, Lingaraj Pual, Bhishma Pual and Sachin Palka, three boys from Durgapadu village in Rayagada block of Danusahi, were students at Devgiri College. This morning, the deceased Lingaraj went to clean his clothes and dry them.

Seeing this, friends called Sahi Padisha and rescued Lingaraj and rushed him to the group health center in a patient’s vehicle. The deceased was identified as Somnath Puala, the eldest son of Lingaraj Devgiri College, a third-year student of Durgapadu village. Local police arrived on the scene to investigate. The local police said in a statement that the case was being re-assigned to another family, and that the body would be dismembered and handed over to the family.

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