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Odisha is not ruled by a democracy, but by an officer.

by Times One Odia
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Odisha is not ruled by a democracy, but by an officer.

Deogarh:02/05-(Bibekananda Sahu)-Odisha is not ruled by a democracy, but by an officer. Electoral legislators have no value, while government officials rule arbitrarily. The recent absence of government officials from Koraput to review the development work in the aspiring district has left officials in the state disrespected and abused by government officials.

The BJP’s intolerant attitude towards the state’s main opposition political party, the Bharatiya Janata Party and its activists, has crossed the line today. The ruling BJP is abusing its power by misusing government power and administration to discredit BJP and BJP activists. Even the elected representatives of the people are being unjustly defamed. Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army, “said Roni Bar-On, a Member of the Knesset for Kadima. Similarly, today, once again, the ruling BJP has committed another heinous, undemocratic and unconstitutional act by abusing government machinery and administration. It is very unfortunate and unfortunate that Mr. Subash Panigrahi, the MLA of Devgarh, who is always working for the development of his region and is known as a simple, calm and gentle man, has been arrested. “Such intolerance of the state government is a complete threat to a healthy democracy,” said Golak Mohapatra, the state’s general secretary.

Speaking at a press conference at the state office here today, Mr. Mohapatra said that the state government’s conspiracy to discredit MLA Shri Panigrahi in the face of intolerance in his popularity is extremely deadly. As a local representative, he asked for time to discuss the video with the locals to solve the problem and review the development work in the area, and the video itself agreed. When Mr. Panigrahi arrived at the BDO’s office, the videographer, who was not present, asked the legislator to relocate. Repeatedly changing positions, the video gentleman did not meet the legislator. Asked why he was doing so, the outraged video Mr. Legislator Mr. Panigrahi was verbally abused and threatened to grab his shirt collar and kill him. So much so that MLA Panigrahi reported the matter to the police, but the police did not take any action. Mr. Mohapatra said that the arrest of the MLA from Bhubaneswar today in the wake of the video was a well-planned and planned conspiracy.

Despite allegations of direct involvement of the ruling BJP ministers and leaders in various criminal and undemocratic activities, the police and the administration have been reluctant to take any action. The state’s criminal minister in the crime, the Most Yories, healthy by sexual administering the Egyptian nation and sat with the new adjust the Egyptian lady. But Mohapatra questioned the state government about how the police arrested MLA Panigrahi in a video article without any evidence.

What steps have been taken by the first-ever legislator? What action has the legislator taken so far against the video? Under what circumstances was the legislator arrested? What did the Hon’ble MLA do wrong? Mr. Mohapatra warned that the state government should respond as soon as possible, otherwise there would be a statewide agitation against the intolerant attitude towards the opponents of the state government in the coming days. State Media Chief Dilip Mallick was present on the occasion.

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