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May Day / International Labor Day – 2022 is celebrated.

by Times One Odia
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May Day / International Labor Day – 2022 is celebrated.
Rayagada-01 / 5- (Dhaneshwar Raut) – District level International Labor Day is celebrated at the local-town hall, Rayagada Municipality, Rayagada.

The function, presided over by District Magistrate Shri Saroj Kumar Mishra, was graced by Rajya Sabha MP Shri Eng Bhaskar Rao as the Chief Guest, Zilla Parishad Chairperson Mrs. Saraswati Majhi as the Guest of Honor, Mrs. Nivedita Panda, Secretary, District Legal Services Authority. Encouraged the people

District Labor Officer Mrs. Jasmine Subhadarshini Sahu gave an introductory speech on the significance of Labor Day and the list of registered and unorganized workers’ standards registered in the district and the support provided by the government for their welfare.
To date, a total of 42,83 construction workers have been registered with the Rayagada District Labor Office.
In Rayagada district, a total of Rs 2,34,6,418 labor cess was collected in the financial year 2021-2022.
In the fiscal year 2021-2022, it provided 34,60,200 / – to 419 beneficiaries of education assistance, as well as 1,25.25,000 / – marriage assistance to 256 people, Rs.
A total of 3,4,95,000 / – was paid to 14 people for death and funeral assistance.
154 beneficiaries
T5,32,34,200 / –
Similarly, the list of registered unorganized workers in the Odisha Unorganized Workers’ Social Security Board, Bhubaneswar, Rayagada district, has been registered by 57 unregistered workers, 1051 small traders,
4 domestic workers,
18 rickshaw pullers, auto driver
427, Mochi 02, agricultural workers 360, forest workers
734 people, newspaper papers in the afternoon
There are 53 people with a total of 704 people with 60 cleaning l
To date, a total of Rs 15,000 / – has been provided to 15 unorganized workers in the Rayagada District Unorganized Workers Social Security Board.
In Rayagada district, a total of 6,06 unorganized workers have been registered with the Social Security Board. A total of Rs 27,600 crore has been provided to 575 workers on 01.05.2012 on the occasion of May Day and Rs 1.5 lakh has been paid to 15 workers in the post-mortem aid sector, said Rayagada, the district labor officer. Tudu thanked everyone

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