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SBI’s digital security guidelines for customers

by Times One Odia
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April 25: SBI has come up with comprehensive digital security guidelines for customers on what should they do and what not to ensure their digital transactions are safe and secured.

Here are some of the following things which the customers should remember regarding all the aspects of their digital banking, digital transactions, electronic payments and social media security.

Login Security:

•           Try using unique and complex passwords

•           Remember to change passwords frequently

•           Never disclose, store or write down your user ID, passwords or PIN

•           Remember, Bank never asks for your user ID/passwords/Card No/PIN/Passwords/CVV/OTP

•           Disable ‘Auto Save’ or ‘Remember’ function in your device to avoid storing of user ID and passwords

Internet Security:

•           Always look for “https” in the address bar of bank’s website

•           Avoid performing online banking transactions at public places using open Wi-Fi networks

•           Always logout and close the browser when you are done with your work

UPI Security:

•           Try keeping your Mobile PIN and UPI PIN different and random

•           Do not respond to any unknown UPI requests

•           Always report those suspicious requests

•           Always remember that a PIN is needed only for transferring amounts, not for receiving

•           Instantly disable UPI service on your account if any transaction has happened without you doing it

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