Home Breaking News Raigad district administration launches awareness drive to bring students back to school.

Raigad district administration launches awareness drive to bring students back to school.

by Times One Odia
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Raigad district administration launches awareness drive to bring students back to school.
Raigad-18 / 04- (Dhaneshwar Raut) – Due to the long-closed school due to Covid-16 epidemic, some children may not come to school for any reason. With this in mind, the Rayagada district administration has launched an awareness drive to bring the school back to school. District Magistrate Shri Saroj Kumar Mishra today unveiled all 11 chariots with flags and traveled to all blocks of the district. It is learned that the district education department, the district welfare department and the district child protection unit have jointly prepared the draft plan under the direct supervision of the district magistrate Mr. Mishra.
It is learned that all the schools in Rayagada district are going to school and taking lessons and there is a campaign called Efforts aimed at making the district a child friendly district. The district education department has instructed group education officers and group resource center coordinators in all 11 blocks of the district to walk around the awareness chariot in each block to identify and bring out-of-school children in the district. Through the campaign, which aims to bring all children back to school in the coming days, members of the school’s management committee will be able to identify students who have dropped out of school, identify new students, and drop out of school. To know, to educate parents about the benefits of government-sponsored tuition, to bring school-age children to school, to provide transportation expenses to students who are eligible for tuition fees, to attend regularly. Extensive preparations have been made for home-based communication and communication with parents.
Emphasis was placed on the responsibility of the school management committee to monitor regular attendance. Explain that if children do not study after matriculation, they will have the opportunity to study through open schools, and if girls do not study through ITI, they will also have the opportunity to study for free. The district attorney’s office said in a statement that the government is also providing financial assistance to children in the family who have the card to study, and that the school’s management committee needs to explain to parents and children.
After the five-day vigil in each block, the teachers, members of the steering committee, panchayat representatives, Anganwadi workers, and members of self-help groups joined the chariots in every village where the chariots could not reach. Directly bring the child back to school.
Such innovative efforts by the district administration have been lauded in the intelligentsia. The inaugural function was attended by Deputy District Commissioner Shri Pratap Chandra Pradhan, District Education Officer Shri Purna Chandra Bariha, District Welfare Officer Shri Ashok Kumar Shatapathi, District Child Protection Officer Shri Ramesh Chandra Nayak, District Information and Public Relations Officer Shri Basant Pradhan. Mr. Bhajan Lal Majhi, Ananya Chakraborty of Piramal Foundation, Ratneshwar Sahu, District Adviser on Prevention of Child Marriage on behalf of Action Ed-UNICEF and Group Education Officers of all blocks, Group Resource Center Coordinators were present.

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