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Shiba Prashad committed quintuple murder single-handedly: ASP

by Times One Odia
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Shiba Prashad Sahu, the accused of the Mahanga quintuple murder confessed to his crime on Friday.

While recreating the crime scenes for a mock demo of his modus operandi of the fivesome murder, Shiva admitted that he had committed the crime single-handed, said Cuttack Rural ASP, Ashok Kumar Behera.

During the scene recreation, he demonstrated the entire episode one after the other without any hesitance. Expressing the reason behind erasing the whole family, he said that there was a long-term civil dispute between his family with his younger brother’s. A few days ago, it went violent as his younger brother and his spouse threatened him regarding a piece of land inherited as parental property.

Aggrieved on it, Shiva eliminated as many as five lives including three innocent and tender children, cutting the main arteries of their legs brutally, he admitted.

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