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Chinamala Vidyalaya is closed.No teacgers have been seen.Learn how the education system works

by Times One Odia
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Raigad-08 / 08- (Dhaneshwar Raut) - Schools were completely disrupted during the Karona epidemic. As a result, the state government has decided to reopen schools and educational institutions in the last few days, with Education Minister Sameer Das issuing a directive to reopen all schools. So the schools are busy.

But there is an exception
"It simply came to our notice then. The victim was taken to Chilamal Primary School in Chirukuli village of Godibali circle in Godibali panchayat under Kashipur block of Raigad district. Three Thai teachers have not yet come to the school to act as if they have cut off their children's future.
The area is inaccessible and underdeveloped, making it difficult for ordinary innocent tribals to take advantage of the simplicity. This morning, when our representative arrived from the village and received the news from the villagers, the children were sitting on the school street when they arrived at 9 am. But no teacher was seen until 9 p.m.
The school has three teachers, Trinath Behera, Prasan Kaushalya and Yogendra Behera. Asked why the cook, Alai Majhi, had not cooked until about 4 p.m. Children from about 5 villages in the area, such as Chirukuli, Karanjuguda and Baliguda, depend on the school.
Established in 1901 to meet the needs of the local population, the institute now has more than 40 students. Prahlad Majhi, who was present at the meeting, said he could not be reached for comment. No teacher was found
The CRC then contacted Babaji Charan Raut, saying that there was no such holiday and that it was scheduled to open at 9.30 am and gave the mobile number of headmaster Trinath Behera. Speaking to Mr. Behera, he said, "I was gone. When you arrived, Funky was killed."
Demonstrations have been rife in the parents' court over the long two-year-old boy's future in the dark, with many protesting against him. "Otherwise, there will be a lot of neglect in such remote areas in the coming days," he said. Asked by the district education officer, Purnachandra Bariha, he asked the ABO what to do next.

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