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How to wear gems? Why are they important? Let’s find out.

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How to wear gems? Why are they important? Let’s find out

  • Astrology will help you in identifying the gemstone according to your birth dates. Let’s find out what are things important to know before wearing a gemstone.
Let's see what are things we should know about a gem before wearing it..
Let’s see what are things we should know about a gem before wearing it..

Embodied with special talent, attraction, beauty, brilliance and having essence, the substance or human being is addressed as a gem. A person is called Bharat Ratna for his outstanding contribution towards the country.

A person is addressed as the gem of cinema for the outstanding contribution in the field of films, Sahitya Ratna for special contribution in the field of literature, and Dharma Ratna for doing a special work in the field of religion. Similarly, the highest human title of independent India is Bharat Ratna.

Gems are mainly minerals

In the ancient times women, ivory, horse, gold, silver etc. were also counted in gems. But in the present time, only precious stones are kept in the category of gems by separating metals and animals. Primarily, gemstones are minerals. Gemstones are formed by the combination of metals due to different types of chemical reactions taking place under the earth. Mines of different types of gems are found in many countries across the world. The gems are extracted from the mines, after which they are sold in the market.

There are 9 major gems out of 84

There are 84 types of gems. Out of 84 gems, 9 are considered to be the main ones. The remaining gems have been accepted as Uparatna. Hence, everywhere, only nine gems have special significance. This is why the main nine planets of Indian astrology are related to these nine gems.

Who should wear what gems?

Manikya (Ruby) – This gem is called Ruby in the English language. It is blood-pink, red, and dark in colour. It is also called the gem of the sun.

Hira (Diamond) – It is found in white, pink, black, and blue colours among others. It has four character distinctions.

Panna (Emerald) – It is a green colored neem leaf-like elastic stone.

Neelam (Sapphire) – It is an excellent gem which is blue in colour, elastic and shines like a peacock’s neck.

Lehsunia (Cat’s Eye) – This is also called cat’s eye because it contains cotton wool. This has yellowish and black & white shade.

Moti (Pearl) – It is of white, black, yellow, blue and sky-blue colour.

Moonga (Coral) – It is vermillion red in colour. It is a sea root. In Persian, it is called Marjan.

Pukhraj (Topaz) – This gem is of yellow and white colour.

Gomed (Onyx) – It is smoky red in colour. Having blood, black and yellow aura is considered good.

Which gem is associated with which planet?

Manikya (Ruby)- Sun, Moti (Pearl)- Moon, Moonga (Coral)- Mars, Pukhraj (Topaz)- Jupiter, Hira (Diamond)- Venus, Neelam (Sapphire)- Saturn, Gomed (Onyx)- Rahu and Lehsunia (Cat’s Eye)- Ketu.

Selection of gems on the basis of date of birth Date of Birth: Nirayan Sun Sign: Suitable

14 April to 13 May: Aries: Coral

14 May to 14 June: Taurus: Diamond

16 June to 15 July: Gemini: Emerald

16 July to 15 August: Cancer: Pearl

16 August to 15 September: Leo: Ruby

16 September to 16 October: Virgo: Emerald

17 October to 15 November: Libra: Diamond/Opal

16 November to 15 December: Scorpio: Coral

16 December to 14 January: Sagittarius: Topaz

15 January to 13 February: Capricorn: Sapphire

14 February to 13 March: Aquarius: Sapphire

14 March to 14 April: Pisces: Topaz

Wear gems on the basis of numerology

Date of Birth: Number: Gems

1, 10, 19, 28: 01: Ruby

2, 11, 20: 02: Pearl

3, 12, 21, 30: 03: Topaz

4, 13, 22, 31: 04: Ruby

5, 14, 23: 05: Emerald/Emerald Turmali

6, 15, 24: 06: Diamond/Opal

7, 16, 25: 07: Pearl/Moonstone

8, 17, 26: 08: Sapphire/Lajarvat

9, 18, 27: 09: Coral

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