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Twe;ver wild atangs in the subarnapur area

by Times One Odia
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Twelve wild atangs in the Subarnapur area
In Subarnapur district's forests, wildlife has been on the rise. In the Subarnapur Sadar forest area, including Birmaharajpur, Ulunda and Binika in the district, a group of wild animals came to the forest at twelve o'clock at night and ate all the vegetables and other pulses and destroyed them. Even dozens of large groups of people have come to the area to search for food and water. In the nearby villages of Pratappur, Jampali, Kulipali, Lakarma, Pipilipali, Gatarkela, etc. near the Arjunpur forest, Baraha has been infested for some time.For the past two days, some slums have been set up in Subarnapur, Chhinchan Dunguri and Dhoba Bahali. However, despite the people's complaints, the forest department has not made any efforts to repel the wildlife.

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