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Taking advantage of the fact the shopkeeper was not at home

by Times One Odia
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Taking advantage of the fact that the shopkeeper was not at home, the locksmith broke the lock and stole millions of rupees and gold jewelery.
A large-scale theft took place at Champanagar, in the back of the Sub-district Birmaharajpur sub-district magistrate's colony. According to sources, Pramod Kumar Sahu, a drug dealer, went to Cuttack with his family for medical work. Arriving home on Sunday morning, he could not believe what he saw. The bar grill and the door were broken, and the cupboards inside the house were broken. All the baskets in the house are broken.More than a dozen gold jewelery and 20,000 rupees in cash have been stolen from Armari. The thieves did not take any money, except for the money. Birmaharajpur police have reached the spot and are investigating.In less than two months, a couple of teachers from Birmaharajpur, Sournagar, were similarly robbed from their homes when they were not at home. However, police did not immediately return a call seeking comment. Now the thieves have challenged the police by stealing in the same way.

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