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Kotia lost to all parties: Tikai wins, Mamata loses

by Times One Odia
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Kotia lost to all parties; Tikai wins, Mamata loses
The defeat was won by all parties in Koraput district. On the one hand, Mamata Jani, the candidate with all the party leaders, was present, while the people of the four panchayats had independent candidate Tikai Gemel. Tika Gamel, the daughter of independent candidate and Kotia's daughter, won by 3,600 votes, ending all speculations. In Koraput district, Patangi Zone-1 was hit by a landslide. The BJP, the BJD and the Congress have fielded Mamtai Jani, while Tikai Gemel, the independent candidate against him. Tikai got 10,358 votes, while Mamata got 456 votes.In the constituency, there were 516 voters in Kotia, 2106 in Gangrajpur, 2,045 in Deo Patangi, 19 in Nuagaon, 41 in Patangi, 373 in Pukali and 2403 in Maliput. Of those, Tikai received more than 10,357 votes, while 457 received votes."She was released this morning; she's talked to her father and she's fine. "We can't do as much as we used to," said Tara Prasad Bahinipati, a Jaipur legislator and senior Congress leader. We face the consequences of losing our job and ignoring it. "We welcome public opinion, we welcome the decision made by Janata Janardhan," he said.

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