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Ramnaguda tehsildar provided land leases to 10 schools

by Times One Odia
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The Ramnaguda tehsildar provided land leases to 10 schools
All schools and colleges in the state government are undergoing a complete overhaul. The Department of Revenue has issued directives to all schools and colleges to issue their own RORs. The tehsildars have been informed to complete this as soon as possible. There are a total of 108 schools in Ramnaguda tehsil.This includes high school and high school. Only eight schools have their own records, according to the survey. Many generous people have already donated land for the school only verbally. Schools have been built in it. Due to the negligence of the administration and the education department, the schools did not have their own records. As a result, the school's infrastructure is being hampered.Twenty-two schools have been set up on government sites, but have not yet been properly registered. Preparations are underway to make all schools (RORs) in a joint effort by the district administration and the Department of Education. All schools will have their own leases as soon as possible. Thirty-six schools have been set up in private. Although donations were made orally, no formal registration or record was made. Today's heirs know that their ancestors donated the entire school.Under the direction of District Magistrate Saroj Kumar Mishra and under the supervision of Additional District Magistrate Somnath Pradhan, Tahsildar Prabhati Jhodia met all the donors and his successors. Block educators helped. The donor of the tehsildar re-registered the land for the schools concerned. Gunupur, the deputy registrar, assisted. After the mutation, 10 schools were given leases by the tehsildar.

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